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Trusting your LTL or TL (Truck Load) to a road freight specialist is a very cost-effective way of getting your goods to their desired destination. Naturally, there are numerous firms that offer LTL services and it can be a time-consuming task sorting through them all. But by filling out a LTL road cargo request with CargoShipping.Net, you may well alleviate some of this stress as quotes are sent directly to you, leaving you to decide which one suits the requirements of your Less Than Truckload shipment.

Most firms will have specific guidelines determining the maximum and minimum size of a LTL. Make sure that you are aware of this so that you will not be penalized on pick-up day.

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Less Than Truckload shipping is operated through a series of hubs or terminals. Shipments from different businesses are combined at these hubs, and shipping companies try to fill up trucks as best they can to maximize profits. The freight is shipped via ground transportation and may make several transfers at different hubs until it reaches its destination.

LTL companies have to balance their own need to fill up the trucks with their customers' needs for on time delivery. Different companies may specialize in a select geographic region in order to better ensure that their trucks will fill up. If these companies are used to make a shipment outside that region, they will generally transfer to yet another LTL freight company who can finish the delivery.

When choosing a Less Than Truckload company, the on time delivery rate should be seriously considered. The company should ideally be able to quote an on time rate of at least 90%. Of course some delays are inevitable due to weather or mechanical failure, but the company should at least have a sophisticated electronic tracking system in place to explain such problems when they occur.

LTL Road cargo is handled by several trucking companies. Select wisely your partner.

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