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Shipping a parcel around the corner or a package around the world is no longer as complicated as it once seemed to be courtesy of CargoShipping.Net. Instead of you having to contact numerous companies and filling-out multiple package delivery forms, you can now fill-out one form and receive multiple quotes from recognized parcel shippers. Whether you have one or many that need shipping, our network members have the facilities and expertise to get the job done.

Try to be as exacting as possible when detailing the contents of your parcel. This could speed up the shipping process and eliminate any problems with customs or with the package courier that you have chosen.

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The following list of stages to preparing your parcel to be shipped should be used as a basic guideline for the protection of your goods

STAGE 1:  Use a New, Extra-Strength Corrugated Box

Whenever possible, use a new box. The more times a box is used, the more it loses its original protective qualities, so a previously used box may not adequately protect your shipment.

If you must reuse a box, make sure it is rigid and in excellent condition with no punctures, tears, rips, or corner damage, and that all flaps are intact. Remove any labels and all other shipment markings from the box.

Finally, choose a box strength that is suitable for the contents you are shipping.

STAGE 2:  Provide Adequate Internal Protection

It is important that you cushion the contents of your package properly, which includes wrapping each item separately.  This is especially true of fragile articles that need both suitable separation from each other and clearance from the corners and sides of the box.

Each item should be surrounded by at least two inches (five cm) of cushioning and be placed at least two inches (five cm) away from the walls of the box. This will protect your items from product-against-product damage and shield them from the shock and vibration that can be conducted from the exterior of the box to its contents in transit.

We recommend the following examples of cushioning material:

• Bubble Pack

• Inflatable Air Bags

• Polystyrene Peanuts

• ‘Foam-in-Place’

• Corrugated Liners & Inserts

STAGE 3:  Close The Parcel Securely

The proper closure of your package is just as important as the cushioning for safety and security of your shipment.

To close a box securely, do not use masking tape, cellophane tape, duct tape, string, or paper over-wrap. Instead, use a strong tape like pressure-sensitive plastic or nylon-reinforced tape.

STAGE 4:  Label Your Package Properly

• Always include recipient’s complete name, address and post/zip code

• Your complete name, address and post/zip code

• Only place one address label on the package and do not place it over a seam in the box or the tape

• Remove or cross out all old labels

• Place a duplicate address label inside the parcel

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