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Cargo shipping to Venezuela

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Good afternoon. I am with RW Enterprises. We are based out of Quito Canton in Ecuador but need to send some things to a new customer in Upata, Venezuela. they have just made the one order thus far so as far as I know, this will be a one time shipment. Regardless, we need to find a cargo shipping company that can help us get our products to them in a relatively short period of time.

They are set to start their project, which they need our products for, in two weeks time. With this time frame in mind, we would like to have a guarantee that we can get them their order in time or else we will not be considering your company for this shipping opportunity. We need to, not want to, get them this order in a timely fashion so please do not waste my time or yours by applying if you can not help deliver it on time.

Name: Lucelle Jones

Company: RW Enterprises

Country: Venezuela

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