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Cargo shipping to Uruguay

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Good morning. My company, Personal Quality Corp, is currently looking for a cargo shipping company that can handle shipping to Minas, Uruguay on a semi regular basis. Our closest ware house is located in Villa Maria, Argentina so the distance that will need to be covered by the cargo company is not all that great, but it being International makes it a bit more complicated as we have found out in times past.

We are looking to start shipping along this route within the next five weeks, if possible. Our first shipment will consist of seven containers full of our products. I can send a detailed packing list if you need or want it.

Please let me know what you policy is for dealing with duty fees and how you would like to handle them as we work together. Also, let me know if you need out licensing information before we can move forward.

Name: Ellen Barkley

Company: Personal Quality Corp

Country: Uruguay

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