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Cargo shipping to Thailand

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Hi there. Prize Level Corp is seeking bids on cargo shippers from all over the globe. Currently we have two routes open that we are looking to fill as soon as possible. The first route will be from a warehouse in Lima, Peru to Pattaya, Thailand and the other route is from the same warehouse in Peru to Bangkok, Thailand.

Both destinations are very close to one another so we can ship the loads at the same time if that makes it easier on your end for scheduling. But please note that sometimes the scheduling of shipments to either location will not match up to the need of getting products to the other location so individual cargo shipments to one of the locations will need to be made. With this in mind, we are looking for a cargo shipper that can be flexible with their schedule and is very organized. Happy bidding!

Name: Abby Johnson

Company: Prize Level Corp

Country: Thailand

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