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Cargo shipping to Paraguay

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Hi there. i am with Scott Brother Lawn Service Inc and we are looking for a cargo shipping company that can help us get some of our landscaping supplies from here in Brazil to our new clients in Posadas, Paraguay. Our closest ware house is in Santa Catarina, Brazil which in the South. The distance that our goods will need to travel is not all that great, but since this will be an International cargo shipping venture, we are fully aware that this adds another level of difficulty upon the logistics of it all.

We are hoping to start shipping before the first of July if that is at all possible. Please let me know what sort of lead time you need for shipping so we can work backwards for scheduling purposes. Also, please let me know about insurance options that we have available for when we ship with you as well. Thank you fro your time.

Name: Harold Machly

Company: Scott Brother Lawn Service Inc

Country: Paraguay

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