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Cargo shipping to Argentina

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My company, Flag Ship Paving Supplies, is in need of a cargo shipping company that can ship to Argentina. Specifically, we need some cargo moved from our warehouses in Sao Paulo, Brazil to a client in Rosario, Argentina. This is an ongoing contract that we have with them as they do a lot of government contract work, so this shipping job will be recurring.

The first of the cargo shipments that we are trying to send them needs to be at their door step within Forty days from today. We are ready to ship now so it really depends on whenever you guys are good to go with permits and such and want to pick the loads up. I can send a list of what this first order entails if you would like, but it is all paving supplies and equipment like that typically used in landscaping designs and things of that nature.

Name: Gail Harper

Company: Flag Ship Paving Supplies

Country: Argentina

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