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Call centres in Groningen, Netherlands

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Freedom at Your Fingertips, LLC is the leading suppliers of hand held remote controls in Europe and is going to be moving its call centre from Oldenburg, Germany to Groningen in the Netherlands in two months time. We need help doing so and have been referred to this site for help.

We would like a pricing proposal submitted along with five references and a back log of prior work for us to review. Please also supply us with licensing information and regulatory documentation in regards to shipping between the two countries. If we have to apply for customs documentation or something of that nature, please indicate that and let us know the procedure to get the ball rolling.

We currently have a nine room office if that gives you an idea of the scale of what needs to be shipped. Specifically, we have our phone and computer systems, white boards, conference table, office chairs, both for the conference table and for the desks, about two dozen desks (most of them small) and eight large filing cabinets.

Company: Freedom at Your Fingertips, LLC

Country: Netherlands

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