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Cargo shipping to Pakistan

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Good afternoon. I am with Cranton Corp and we are in search for a cargo shipping company. Specifically we are looking for a cargo shipping company that ships to Pakistan. We are based out of Geneva and need to get some products to some new clients in Lahore, Pakistan so the distance is quite great, as well as the borders that will need to be crossed.

We are open to all kinds of shippers so no matter what mode of shipping you specialize in, please feel free to submit a bid. We have the lead time on shipments to take our time with shipping speeds so that is not a huge factor. That being said, we want to be able to count on an estimated time for delivery and pick up, barring unforeseen situations with Customs, for instance.

Please let me know what paperwork your company requires we have on file before we can begin shipping with you as well. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to reading through your responses.

Name: Susan Steckman

Company: Cranton Corp

Country: Pakistan

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