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Cargo shipping to Macedonia

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The Hap In Stance Company is looking for a cargo shipper that can handle a route that has just come available. The route in question is from our head quarters in Tirana, Albania to a client in Prilep, Macedonia. This quick route is the only one we have open as of the writing of this post, but others do come available from time to time. With this in mind, I ask that you submit a coverage map or available route listing when you apply for this job so we can have that to refer to in the future if the need arises.

The first shipment for this route will need to be shipped by the second week of June. If this is possible with your company and you can supply us with references for us to check on, then please reply promptly so that we can begin the vetting process. Thank you for your time.

Name: Gloria Gaines

Company: The Hap In Stance Company

Country: Macedonia

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