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Cargo shipping to Malaysia

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Good evening. My company, Yama Industries, is looking for a new cargo shipping company to help with moving their products to a reseller in Malacca, Malaysia. Seeing as how we are based out of Manila in the Philippines, this is not all that far of a trek, but it is still International and I know that complicates things a bit.

We have eight shipping containers that need to be delivered to this reseller within the next five weeks. I assume that we will be shipping this cargo via ocean cargo freight liners, but if you have a better way, than please let me know in you response. I am open to all suggestions.

Be warned that we do a full background check on all companies that are applying to work with us. We take our permits very seriously and do not want them compromised because a shipper is out of date on theirs or on their insurance.

Name: Katelyn Flynn

Company: Yama Industries

Country: Malaysia

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