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Cargo shipping to Egypt

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Good morning all. I am with GHT High Life Inc and we are looking for a cargo shipping company to help us get our products to some new resellers in Egypt. Out closest ware house is in Amman, Jordon so the cargo will be coming from here, heading towards Qena, Egypt for unloading and inventory.

I a looking for a cargo shipping company that can handle multiple loads a month, in both directions. the first of these shipments needs to be in Qena by June twentieth so we do have a little bit of time to work out the details and get things lined up. That being said, I would like to have this scheduled and ready to go sooner rather than later so that if a problem arises, we are not addressing it at the last possible moment.

When you reply, I need you to include your insurance and permit information so that I can check to see that it is current. If you do not include this information when replying, I will be unable to consider you for this contract.

Name: Gian Lampoon

Company: GHT High Life Inc

Country: Egypt

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