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Cargo shipping to Guam (US)

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Good morning. I am with Wiscon Retailers Co. and we are in need of a new cargo shipping company to help with a new route that has opened up for us. We are based out of Guatemala and we need to ship some cargo to Guam.

This first shipment of cargo is going to be seven containers full of retail goods to go into stock filling orders in some shops there. We have a contract with one of the military base shops in Guam which is where this order is headed specifically.

The first shipment we need to send needs to arrive in Guam by June eleventh but can be picked up at any time so just let me know what works on your end and we will make the proper arrangements here. We will require that whatever cargo shipping company we choose to go with be up to date on their insurance so keep that in mind before bidding. Thank you.

Name: Samantha Redder

Company: Wiscon Retailers Co.

Country: Guam (US)

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