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Cargo shipping to Guinea

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Good afternoon. I am with Pilers Piling Company and I have been put in charge of the logistics of some up coming cargo shipping to Guinea. We supply construction crews with piling equipment, mainly, although we do deal in other heavy machinery. This is the type of equipment that we will be needing to send to the customers in Guinea.

The cargo will be shipping from Egypt, just outside of Cairo, which is where the machines are finishing up on a project. The machines will be ready to be shipped at the end of the month so time is of the essence in getting this arranged.

There is an estimated six road freight cargo trucks that will be needed to properly move this load. I can send a detailed list of the order to be moved if you would like though so that you can do your own estimate. Just let me know.

Name: Margo Lankton

Company: Pilers Piling Company

Country: Guinea

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