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Cargo shipping to Cyprus

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Can Go Any Where Supplies is the largest shipping supplies company on the planet. We are looking for a cargo shipping company to help us with a route we just ran into a problem with. Our current cargo shipping company has just had their permits suspended for a situation beyond our control. So, we need to find a replacement for the Cyprus route as soon as humanly possible.

The orders all originate from Aley, Lebanon so the sheer distance is not all that great even if the logistics are still a bit of a thing to figure to out. our first shipment that we need to send out as soon as we can is mostly of bubble wrap, shipping styrofoam products like peanuts and some packing tapes and other such items. we have all the form for the Customs office all ready to go. We just need a shipper to help us get it there!

Name: Jeanne Lachey

Company: Can Go Any Where Supplies

Country: Cyprus

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