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Cargo shipping to Belarus

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Good afternoon. I am with Friendly Exchange Services and we are looking for a new cargo shipping company to help on some routes. For starters, we need a company that can ship some cargo to Minsk, Belarus from out closest location here in Jelgava, Latvia. I assume we will want to find a road freight cargo convoy to assist us with this route in particular, but I will let you be the judge of that. We are open to all suggestions and all ideas so please submit them even if they seem unconventional.

When you respond, please include a map or list of your service areas so we know if you will be able to help us on some other routes that will be coming up. We are hoping to have the first shipment on this route made by the month's end so your quick attention to this post is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Name: Carl Looper

Company: Friendly Exchange Services

Country: Belarus

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