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Cargo shipping to Belize

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OLT Outfitters Co. is the leading brand of outdoor gear, specializing in gear for extreme sports like white water rafting, sky diving and sport fishing. We are based out of the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Recently we have signed on a new reseller in Belize which leads me to this site. I need to find a cargo shipping company that can help us get our products to that new client. I assume we will be shipping via air mail, but we are willing to look at a ocean cargo freight liner if you think that would make more sense.

The first shipment we are trying to send needs to be there by the first of July so we do have a bit of time to iron out these details. It will be two containers full of merchandise, maybe more. Please let me know if you can help or if you need some more information to know if you can or not. Thank you.

Name: Lesley Banks

Company: OLT Outfitters Co.

Country: Belize

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