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Cargo shipping to Hong Kong

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Paper Find Processing Systems Inc is a growing company here in Taidong, Taiwan. We specialize in the manufacturing of paper processing systems such as business card readers and scanners, to name a few of our products. We have an order that is being processed as I type that will need to be shipped to a new customer in Hong Kong. I am hoping to find a cargo shipping company that we can use to get them this order quickly and without any mishaps.

The order is still being tallied, but it looks like they are getting several copiers, scanners, servers and a couple other heavy pieces of machinery. I can send a completed list of what will be included in the shipment once we get it finalized, but just wanted to give you an idea of what we are working with so you can hopefully get a ball park figure worked up.

Name: Harry Larkin

Company: Paper Find Processing Systems Inc

Country: Hong Kong

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