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Cargo shipping to Panama

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LPS Supply Company is a building supply company based out of Cartago, Costa Rico. We have a new client who is located in David, Panama which is not that far from us. We are looking for a cargo shipping company to help us get our products to that client in a cost effective manner.

We are assuming we will go with a road freight cargo shipper given the close proximity, but we are open to other ideas if you have any. The items we are going to be shipping to this new client are all building supplies such as beams, ply wood, joint holds and screws. I can send a detailed packing list of their order if you would like.

Hopefully, we can find a good cargo shipping to help us soon. Our hope is that we will be pleased with the quality of work and will be able to utilize their shipping services in the future as well.

Name: Jack Keener

Company: LPS Supply Company

Country: Panama

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