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Cargo shipping to Bosnia-Herzegovina

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The Better Than Great Company is looking for a new shipping partner to start as soon as possible. We have just gotten a new shipping route that needs to be tended to in a matter of weeks, not months. Our warehouses, where all shipments will originate from, are located in Bled, Slovenia and this shipping contract will be from there to Bosnia Herzegovina.

Our company makes healthy snack goods such as cereals, nutritious meal replacement bars and other health oriented foods. All shipments will be of these food products so please only apply for this cargo shipping route if you have the proper permits and equipment to haul food products so that we are not wasting either of our times.

We will require that your insurance is up to date before we would begin shipping with you so please supply me with that information when you respond as well so I can check on that.

Name: Amber Comer

Company: The Better Than Great Company

Country: Bosnia-Herzegovina

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