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Cargo shipping to Colombia

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My company, BYN Broad Band Company, is going to be doing some business in Columbia starting in June. We need to sign on board a cargo shipping company that can help us get our products there. Our goods are all manufactured in the United States and will ship our of St. Petersburg, Florida. We need them to arrive in Bogota, Columbia before the start of June so time is of the essence, to say the least.

Our loads will be full of wireless and wired equipment that would be applicable to network engineers trying to operate a WiFi network, for instance. I can send a detailed list of the inventory to be shipped if that makes any difference to you.

We have all the paperwork and documentation done on our end, but please advise on what you need on your end. I want to make sure we are being proactive in this regard.

Name: Oliver Farms

Company: BYN Broad Band Company

Country: Colombia

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