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Cargo shipping to Iceland

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Hi there. I am with Dictation Experts Equipment Supplies Co. and we cater to all things dictation and writing. I have been asked to look into cargo shipping options to Iceland as we have some new resellers that are going to be coming on board in the next few months and we would like to have all the arrangements in place before the contract gets finalized.

Our head quarters are based in Persia so all shipments will be coming from here. Our shipments will vary in their contents but will carry things like type writers, dictation machines, note and legal pads, writing accessories, and so forth. I can send a sample packing list from previous shipments that would be typical if that would be useful to you.

We would also need to know about shipping in the opposite direction- from Iceland to Persia- so that if we have returns or something, we will know our options.

Name: Thelma Hudson

Company: Dictation Experts Equipment Supplies Co.

Country: Iceland

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