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Cargo shipping to Turkey

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PLR Enterprises World Wide is looking for a new cargo shipping company to help them with a few of their routes. Specifically we are looking for a cargo shipper that can handle a Morocco to Turkey route. This is the first of many routes for shipping that we would like to find a new company to help with, but we are going to start with just one to see how things go. Once the shipping company doe s a good job and trust is built, then we can reevaluate our contract and talk about adding on routes to our relationship.

The first shipment needs to be in turkey at one of our clients' in the next seven weeks. Please work backwards from this date to figure out the best time to pick up our goods from us would be for you and your team. This is your responsibility and will be expected of you every time moving forward.

Name: Carmen Porter

Company: PLR Enterprises World Wide

Country: Turkey

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