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Cargo shipping to Chile

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Apparel Appeal Limited is a uniform manufacturing company based out of Lima, Peru. We have some new warehouse space that we are going to be moving into in Santiago, Chile that will help position us to better serve out clientele further South, closer to Santiago. We need a cargo shipping company that can move some of our inventory from our factory here in Lima down to the new warehouse and storage facility in Chile. We are looking to ship some cargo down there in the next four weeks, assuming we can get all of our ducks in a row.

The first shipment will be of four truck loads of uniforms. We will have the containers packed already for you to pick up before you head there although we are happy to have a member of your staff oversea the process for security reasons if that is how you structure your pick ups.

Name: Tim Trentadune

Company: Apparel Appeal Limited

Country: Chile

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