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Cargo shipping to Bulgaria

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PLF Supplies World Wide is looking for a new cargo shipper to help them move some of their goods. The route that will for starters will be from Lithuania to Bulgaria. There is a opportunity for about a dozen other routes as well, assuming the new cargo shipping company does a good job with this starter route and process their reliability and quality service.

We sell all sorts of farm and garden supplies to various levels of resellers throughout the Eastern block. The shipments that I am referencing above will have just this sort of thing contained within them. I have a complete list of our inventory if you would like ti to get a better idea of what it is that will be needing to be shipped.

We require that all of our partners undergo a full vetting process with insurance and permit check as well as a background screening of their drivers.

Name: Carly Hopkins

Company: PLF Supplies World Wide

Country: Bulgaria

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