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Cargo shipping to Mexico

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Good afternoon. I am with Fast Line Radios Company and we are in need of a new cargo shipping company to take our goods from our warehouse here in Lima, Peru to some resellers in Mexico City, Mexico. We have traditionally used ground shipper who use road freight trucks to move the cargo, but we are open to other means of shipping if you think there is another way to do this better, more efficiently, and still be cost affective to our business model. I am all ears to ideas!

Our first shipment needs to go out the door in three weeks so i would appreciate all who are interested in this job to respond within the next five to seven days so I can begin narrowing down the candidates. Obviously we will be looking to partner with someone that we can have complete trust in for their reliability and time table adherence.

Name: Nicky Petrol

Company: Fast Line Radios Company

Country: Mexico

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