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Cargo shipping to Slovenia

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The company Packing Supply Company Wholesalers has asked me to find a new cargo shipping company for them to use for a few routes as they are not happy with their current one (which shall remain nameless). To start, they would like to find a cargo shipper that can handle the route from their warehouses in the Czech Republic to Slovenia. Assuming all goes well with this route, then they will expand their contract with that shipper to include other areas.

Our company sells all sorts of packing supplies to all sorts of clientele, from businesses of all walks of life, to storage facilities to post offices. These types of products are what will make up our shipments, as well as the occasional promotional piece, such as brochures to help drum up new business. I can send a sample packing list of previous shipments if that will help you get an idea of what we ship.

Name: Oscar Flanders

Company: Packing Supply Company Wholesalers

Country: Slovenia

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