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Cargo shipping to Romania

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My company, Low Fruit Baskets Company, is going to start doing business in Romania in two months time. I need to arrange for a cargo shipping company to help us get our goods from our warehouses in Lithuania to the new customers in Lithuania.

Our warehouses are located in Kaunas, Lithuania and just outside of the city there. The new customers in Romania are in Craiova in Romania and the surrounding suburbs so this is the route that the cargo shippers will need to take, although we would like to go with a company that can expand throughout Romania as our business dealings grow there over time.

With this in mind, a map of your service areas would be immensely helpful as well as a time table for pick ups and deliveries. I will be requiring that whichever shipping company we choose have insurance that is up to date and verifiable as well so send that information too.

Name: Diana Hodgkins

Company: Low Fruit Baskets Company

Country: Romania

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