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Hi there. I am Lifshin Business Movers and we have been moving companies throughout the globe for over three decades. Unfortunately, we have had a small lapse in our permitting for shipping to the Philippines and have a client all ready to be moved there in two weeks. I need to find another moving company that can handle cargo shipping at an affordable price to partner with on this job as soon as possible as the clock is ticking away towards moving day for these people.

There are four containers that will need to be moved from Vietnam to the Philippines, all of which we can handle packing. We just need a new shipping company to help us with the physical move. We are willing to talk about the pick up and delivery location so that we can figure out the best spot for our partner and the client so let me know what you prefer and we will go from there.

Name: Chirtine Lifshin

Company: Lifshin Business Movers

Country: Philippines

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