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Cargo shipping to Kuwait

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Essential Work Equipment Inc caters to companies on the go, helping out clients supply their globe traveling employees with things to make their travels easier such as neck pillows for more comfortable sleep on planes and trains, and sleep masks. We have just signed on a new reseller in Kuwait so I need to get a few bids on the cargo shipping costs of sending some of our goods over to that reseller.

Seeing how we just inked the deal, it will be about four weeks, at best, before we need to physically start shipping so the sooner you can reply, the better. The initial order of our products will be about one container full, give or take, but moving forward, the orders will be a bit larger. We are not going to sign an agreement to have a quota for shipping per month though as we would like to be flexible with our shipping needs.

Name: Patrick Flaretty

Company: Essential Work Equipment Inc

Country: Kuwait

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