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Cargo shipping to Hungary

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Hi there. I am with Upgraded Builders and Supply Company and i need to find us a cargo shipping that can help us get some product to Hungary. We have partnered with a distributor there who has an established sales channels in the construction industry there. We need to be able to ship him some tools, equipment and other building supplies to be able to get them dispersed to his network of clients in a presentable and efficient way.

We have the contract with the distributor signed and ready to go so the only real hold up at this point is getting the cargo shipping company on board. I do realize, however, that there will be a fair amount of paperwork that you will need us to go through. With that in mind, I am hoping you can spear head that effort for us so that we can keep chugging forward and keep things moving as quickly as possible as we are very eager to get started.

Name: Karen Westfield

Company: Upgraded Builders and Supply Company

Country: Hungary

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