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Cargo shipping to Croatia

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Get It Done Construction Equipment Inc is going to be taking on a client in Croatia. They have been awarded a fairly large scale project for some governmental construction efforts in the city center so we need to ship them some construction equipment so they can start work.

Their order consists of a pretty wide variety of our product offerings. We are going to be shipping them everything from hammers to nails to a loaner fork lift. The fork lift is obviously very big, but this is the biggest and the heaviest of all of the things they have ordered so far, but it is not the biggest thing we do sell, if that makes sense.

I need all of these things to ship from our closest warehouse which is in Lublin, Poland. I would also need to know what your procedures and prices are for insurance as we will be getting that on the shipment due to the value of what has been ordered.

Name: Leslie Holsenbake

Company: Get It Done Construction Equipment Inc

Country: Croatia

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