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Cargo shipping to Czech Republic

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Good day all. I am in need of a new cargo shipping company to help my business, Bank and Booths Investing Firm, get to their new offices in Prague. We have been working out of offices in Budapest in Hungary. We are going to be keeping a small, down sized office here in Budapest, in the castle district, but moving the bulk of our office to Prague to make that location out new headquarters.

We have an office of about fifty people and are going to be relocating forty of those people, if that gives you an idea of the volume of equipment that we will need to have moved. Things to be moved are things like desks, computers, office chairs, break room sets, etc. I can schedule a walk through of our current location in the next two weeks if that would help. We need to be out of this large office space within the next six weeks if that helps with timing. Please ask any questions you may have as I will be waiting to help.

Name: Craig Brooklyn

Company: Bank and Booths Investing Firm

Country: Czech Republic

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