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Cargo shipping to Bahrain

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Good day! My company, Thor Product Line Company, is breaking into the the Kingdom of Bahrain market, which we are very excited about as it has been a long time coming. We had some delays due to permitting and such, but now all that is cleared and in place and we are ready to go! All we need now is to find a cargo shipping company that we can use to get our products onto the ground in Bahrain.

All of our products will be shipping from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. we are open to shipping via air mail, but we were planning on shipping via ocean cargo vessels as that seems to make the most sense. We know the former option would arrive faster, but the latter option would be more cost effective. We just think that if we plan well in advance, the time delay will not be that big of an issue but please let me know your opinion when responding. Thanks.

Name: Sophia Hughes

Company: Thor Product Line Company

Country: Bahrain

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