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Cargo shipping to Seychelles

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Barnes Depot Inc is the most reputable supplier of construction goods in the world. We do business all over the globe, but until now, we have not done any business in Seychelles. We have just gotten a contract there that will go into effect next month so we are looking for some bids for a cargo shipping company to help us move our goods from here in South Korea to Seychelles.

The first shipment will have four standard sized containers full of construction equipment and supplies. The subsequent shipments would be similar, but I can not guarantee at this point the exact amount of each shipment and we are not willing to sign anything that would make us tied to a quota for shipping. We will have staff on hand for the loading and unloading of our products, but we invite the cargo shipping company to have a representative there as well.

Name: Margo Barnes

Company: Barnes Depot Inc

Country: Seychelles

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