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Cargo shipping to Russia

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Skin to Skin Cosmetics Company is going to be offering our products in Russia starting this summer. I need to find our company a cargo shipping company that can move our products into the Russian market with efficiency and reliability.

We are based out of Rouen, France and our distributor in Russia has their distribution facility in Bryansk, so not that far over the border, in the scheme of things. Regardless, there will be a Customs process to go through when crossing into Russia so we would prefer, although it is not mandatory, to use a cargo shipping company that has shipping items to Russia before and is aware of the procedures that they follow.

We realize that this entire process of shipping to Russia can be cumbersome and time consuming, which is why we are starting early in our quest to get everything lined up for a first ship date of June fifteenth. Please ask any questions that may arise.

Name: Victor Deller

Company: Skin to Skin Cosmetics Company

Country: Russia

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