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Cargo shipping to Ireland

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Forth Night Services is looking for a new cargo shipping company and I was referred to this site for just that purpose. We are based out of Liverpool, England and need to ship some containers of our items to Wexford, Ireland. We would like to begin shipping by the middle of next month, assuming we can get all the logistics and the permits ironed out by then.

The first shipment will be of fourteen containers full of our products, if that helps you with your space estimates as well as timing. We will be loading the containers ourselves, but we are open to having a representative of your company either inspect the container before you take possession of them or even be on hand as we load them. Just let me know what you prefer, procedure wise, and we will try to accommodate your process as much as possible, assuming it is within reason.

Name: Carrie Jennings

Company: Forth Night Services

Country: Ireland

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