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Cargo shipping to South Africa

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My Stats Sporting Equipment Incorporated is in search of a cargo shipping that can fulfill a new route need that has arisen. We have recently gotten a contract with some resellers in South Africa and will begin shipping our goods there by June first, assuming all stays on track. We are based out of Freetown, Sierra Leone and the reseller is requesting that we ship into Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

We assume the best way to do this will be via ocean cargo freight liners, given that the loads will be pretty full of our sporting equipment and will be able to fill up the containers quite nicely. We realize that this is a slower mode of travel but that it will probably make the most sense cost wise. Please advise on the time table of sending it this way, but feel free to offer a solution to go by land if your company does that.

Name: James Heathrow

Company: My Stats Sporting Equipment Incorporated

Country: South Africa

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