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Cargo shipping to Poland

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Good afternoon. I am with VSF Industries and I need some help finding some shipping services please. My company needs to find a cargo shipping company to help with some shipments from our warehouses in Zilina, Slovakia that will be ear marked to go to a distributor in poznan, Poland.

These shipments will be sent on a semi monthly basis, but we would like the right to dial back that frequency if the demand slows and to ramp it up if the demand increases. We have our own workers at the warehouses that can load the containers to be shipped there but we will need the cargo shipping company to come to our facility and pick them up. We have loading docks and bays for the trucks to get loaded properly so you will not need to worry about that. We will also allow your employees or a representative to be present while we load the containers, if desired for insurance purposes.

Name: Dalia Richard

Company: VSF Industries

Country: Poland

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