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Cargo shipping to Denmark

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Jumpers and Moveables Company is in search of a new cargo shipping company to its partners in Denmark. We are based out of Argentina so all cargo will be coming from our plants here with their final destinations being in Denmark.

We have mostly heavy equipment that will be filling our containers, but on occasion we do need to ship parts and such to our partners so that appropriate repairs can be made. These spare parts will not make up the majority of our shipments, but may, on occasion, be the entire cargo container to be shipped to a partner- in this case to Denmark.

Please advise if you have any restrictions on what can and can not be shipped with your company beyond what is allowable by the country of Denmark and their Customs process over there. Also please indicate any paperwork that your company will require above and beyond what is asked for from the Customs department for shipping.

Name: Henry Johnson

Company: Jumpers and Moveables Company

Country: Denmark

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