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Cargo shipping to Spain

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The Baby Welcome Wagon Co. is going to be opening its doors in Spain this summer, which we are very excited about. We are going to be keeping our headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland so we need some help with the cargo shipping of our goods to this new market area, thus leading me here to this site.

The shipments are expected to start in early May and ramp up steadily until the end of the year, but that time table is subject to change, based on the response of the Spanish market once we get in there. We will be sending all shipments to Bilbao, Spain which is where our distributor for the region has set up camp. They are going to be our men on the ground and handled all the distribution channels within the country so you do not need to quote that part of the shipping process please.

Name: Susanna Hodges

Company: Baby Welcome Wagon Co.

Country: Spain

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