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Cargo shipping to Austria

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Good morning, all. I am hoping to find a few price quotes to compare for cargo shipping to Austria. Our company, Clinical Conscience Company, is located in Hanover, Germany which is where the cargo will be coming from when shipped. We will be sending the shipments to our client's hub in Graz, Austria for delivery and disbursement throughout the country, which the client will be taking care of on their end.

We would like to commence this cargo shipping arrangement as quickly as possible as we have to go ahead to start shipping from the client in hand. We also have all the necessary permits (we believe) in order to ship to Austria. As a way of double checking this, please let us know what you are requiring from us in this regards so we can check our list against what you are saying e need so we can make sure we are being proactive in this regards. Thank you in advance for your help. Cheers.

Name: Bernadette Parker

Company: Clinical Conscience Company

Country: Austria

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