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Cargo shipping to Portugal

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Clear Wave Prospective is going to be opening up in the Portuguese market place in the next quarter. We need to find a good cargo shipping company that can handle getting our products from our manufacturing plants in Chile to Lisbon, Portugal.

Our contract has us starting to ship there in early June of this year so that is the time frame we are looking to hit. We are only going to be looking at cargo shipping companies who have done this route before- from Chile to Portugal- so please do not bother bidding if you can not show proof of past work and give us references pertaining to such work.

We will also be requiring that the shipping company we choose to have some insurance we can pull for our shipments so please supply us with that information so we can check on it before we ultimately choose one company over another.

Name: Billy Tomlin

Company: Clear Wave Prospective

Country: Portugal

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