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Cargo shipping to France

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Willow Filings Inc is going to be opening a warehouse in France this summer to help with overload that we are having in Germany. Our current facilities in Bonn, Germany simply can not handle all of our output so we have to expand. We have found quite suitable accommodations in Lyon, France and we just can not pass up the price point that the landlord is going to be offering us.

We are looking for a cargo shipping company to help us get a large sampling of our goods from the warehouse in Germany to the new location in France at the beginning June. We will have a plethora of containers that will need to make the trek, but we can break that up into multiple shipments if that works better for your scheduling. We will be requiring that you offer insurance for our goods while in your custody as well so please let me know about that.

Name: Graham Jennings

Company: Willow Filings Inc

Country: France

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