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Cargo shipping to United Kingdom (UK)

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Greetings. I have some cargo that I am preparing for shipping from our warehouse here at Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Therefore, the information that I am posting here to request is concerning cargo shipping to United Kingdom (UK). How difficult would it be for you to send information to my email address that will describe your company's shipping services? If you send a standard information kit, how detailed is it? Does it include your current rate sheet? Does it also include descriptions of your other policies? I would gather this would include your accepted payment terms, as well as your claims policy.

When will you be available to discuss the details of our shipment? I will greatly appreciate it if you will include your direct contact information within this email. Also, what is your estimate as to how long it will take you to deliver this cargo between Canada and the United Kingdom (UK)? Thank you for your prompt response to my inquiry.

Name: Laurent Baribeau

Company: Enrhardline Ent

Country: United Kingdom (UK)

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