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Cargo shipping to New Zealand

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I would like to have information about cargo shipping to New Zealand. I trust this is the correct forum to post my questions on this topic. I work for a company that is located outside of Lyon, France. We are completing the processing of an order that will be destined to New Zealand. We estimate the order will be ready to ship by the middle of the coming week.

Is it a possibility that you will have an information packet that you can send to my email address that describes your company's shipping services? If I give you the specifications of the cargo, will you also be able to send an estimate in the email? The cargo 137 cm in length, 91 cm wide, and also 91 cm deep. It weighs slightly less than 27 kilograms. Please also include how much time you require a notice before you can schedule a pickup. Also, do you have an estimate of how much time it will take you to deliver this cargo to New Zealand?

Thank you for providing me with this information.

Name: Laurence Barnette

Company: Ertisen

Country: New Zealand

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