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Cargo shipping to Netherlands

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GWF Services needs to find a new cargo shipping company tot he Netherlands. We have our warehouses in Paderborn, Germany and we need to get them to Arnhem in the Netherlands so the distance that needs to be covered is not all that great.

The only hold up we foresee is that getting across the border can be a bit of a time delay if you are a cargo truck as they will search the items and make sure your paperwork is in order. Please factor this delay into your time quotes as we assume this will happen as a given, every time that we ship. We would like to minimize the time that this delay happens though so please let us know what paperwork that we will need to get to you to help speed through this process. Also please include information on options for tracking our shipments as well.

Name: Mannie Hoker

Company: GWF Services

Country: Netherlands

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