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Looking to hitch a ride!

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I'm enquiring about the possibility of hitching a ride for two people in a cargo or shipping vehicle in the name of charity.

A friend and I are taking part in the fundraising event called Jailbreak, where you have to travel as far away from the campus as possible within a forty-eight hour time period without spending any money at all.

This year, the charity for which we’re raising money is Cancer Research UK, and we have already raised over £4000 in the name of Cancer Research and hope to double that in the coming days before the actual event, but we still need some means of travel in order to compete in the forty-eight hour escape from campus. The hardest part is crossing the English Channel, and so if there was any way at all that we could borrow a ride in a cargo boats, trucks or planes in order to cross over, we would be extremely grateful; if there was any way you could possibly even take us further than that, then that would be absolutely amazing!

If anyone thinks that this might be a possibility, if there's a spare seat or even just some floor-space next to some boxes, somewhere, then that would be an enormous help!

Name: Martha Eadie

Country: United Kingdom (UK)

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