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Cargo shipping to Australia

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I have an order that I must make arrangements for cargo shipping to Australia. I am shipping from our primary facility at London, United Kingdom (UK). Since our customer has requested an expedient delivery, I shall focus my questions on cargo shipping as it pertains to air freight. Therefore, regardless of the transportation modes your company uses, please include only information about air cargo shipping.

There will be 3 wooden crates of varying sizes that will require shipping. Although each crate is of a different weight, the gross weight is 646 kilograms. So if you can use this information to send me an estimate of your shipping charges? Will you also include your contact information in your initial email? This will be most helpful should we have any further questions. Will this be the same contact person of whom we would communicate when scheduling a pickup?

How soon can you deliver this cargo to Australia? Will our customer be required to pick it up at the air cargo terminal? Or will you deliver it directly to their location? Thanks for supplying this information to my email address.

Name: Gerry Brown

Company: Unutri Ind.

Country: Australia

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