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Cargo shipping to Asuncion

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I am processing a shipment at our warehouse at Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The shipment requires cargo shipping to Asuncion, Paraguay. We will include in this shipment the necessary padding and other materials necessary to protect if from being damaged during shipping. However, we also want your assurances that you will take the precautions that will not allow it to be damaged. Will you provide that assurance?

Do you have a rate sheet that you will send to my email address? Will you also include all of your company's information on your shipping services that will apply to our shipment? How soon will you be able t schedule a pickup? Also, what is your time to delivery estimates? Will your company be providing both the pickup and the delivery services?

My direct email address is provided with this post, so please only contact me through this forum. This is the only way that I will receive your information in a timely manner. Thank you for providing it.

Name: Jacques Bourideux

Company: Enrhardline

Country: Paraguay

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