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Cargo shipping to Montevideo

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I must arrange for cargo shipping to Montevideo, Uruguay for a new customer. The cargo is presently at our warehouse here in Portland, Maine, in the United States. How would be the best shipping method? The cargo consists of a small machine that will be enclosed in a wooden crate. Therefore, we do not need an ocean container. That is unless this would be included in a consolidated shipment.

Please explain what shipping method you will employ, as well as when you will deliver this machine to Montevideo, Uruguay. Can you provide any sort of cost estimate? What will be the procedure if the cargo is delayed at customs? Will you send us a notification? Also, what are the customs duties or fees that we may have to pay? Will the cargo be taxed? If so, who will pay that tax?

I have provided my direct email address with this forum, so this is the best contact method for you to send your company's information.

Name: Alfonso Capertino

Company: Capertino Enterprises

Country: Uruguay

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